Makeup can be a transformative and empowering tool, and is a skill I can teach you. I can teach you how to use makeup as a tool to reveal and enhance your beauty rather than something that you hide behind.

If you simply want to learn the basic skills of makeup application, make a fresh start with new products and a new look or if you are a bride getting married abroad and want to do your own makeup, a 1 to 1 lesson is a great choice and one where you will benefit from personal advice.

I will give you professional hints, tips and advice that will help you achieve a more polished professional look. Together we will look at what makes you uniquely beautiful and how you can enhance this. I will help you select shades and products that will compliment your colouring and skin tone.

All lessons are personally tailored to you. We will build on the knowledge you already have and look at the products you already use.

This is not a sit and watch lesson ! This will be hands on, where you will be very much involved. We will establish what it is you want to get out of the session and work together on a signature look. Again this will be done practically using a step by step approach. I will do one half of your face, then under my guidance you will do the other side, learning as you go along and see each feature being enhanced.

Day to Night Makeup Lesson

I can provide:

  • An understanding of what makes you beautifully individual
  • Professional advice and basic application on how to balance, define and lift your face – we will cover foundation, blusher, bronzer, eye shadows and lips
  • A customised face chart and colour palette, with notes and photographs from the session
  • A simple step by step makeup routine you can use everyday and the knowledge of how to adapt it into a perfect evening look.

Teen Makeup Lesson

The lesson is a wonderful gift for any young woman. I believe teen makeup shouldn’t be focused on imperfections and how to cover them up, instead the time spent with me will focus on teaching you how to recognise what is unique and beautiful and how to capture and define that beauty.

I will show you:

  • Professional techniques as part of a simple everyday routine
  • What makes you beautiful and how to emphasise this in a natural way
  • Customised product advice designed to balance and compliment
  • How to apply beautiful natural looking makeup, providing you with a foundation you can build upon to create other looks.

Makeup Lesson for Mature Skin

As we mature our makeup needs change. Your makeup routine, application and products also need to evolve. As we age our skin and hair tone changes and it is easy to feel like we have lost our way or got stuck in the same routine for years. Through a personal lesson, we will:

  • Take time to really explore different foundation and concealers, from liquids to minerals finding the best fit for you.
  • Agree specific product advice and professional application which will make your skin look fresher and appear more youthful
  • Take a fresh look at how to apply perfect eye makeup to emphasise your eyes and brows

Bridal Makeup Lesson

If you are getting married in a far flung tropical location or simply wanting to do your own makeup on the day then this is the choice for you. This lesson is structured just like a bridal trial where we will consider all the key features of the day and we will explore the particular makeup looks you like. Just like the other lessons this is very much a hands on session where you will be taught to apply your makeup professionally in a fun relaxed environment. Not only will you have breathtaking bridal makeup that you will apply with confidence on your wedding day but you will also learn core makeup skills which you will go on to use every day.

  • We shall take a look at what products you already use and I will give you advice and recommendations on what products and brushes you might like to purchase.
  • A customised, face chart photographs, colour palette notes and photographs to take home with you.

All lessons last approximately 3 hours. The cost is approx £150.